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Ueno Zoo Tweets Photo Of “Naked” And Drunk Looking Rodent

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Don’t worry, Ueno Zoo isn’t getting their animals drunk.

Even though Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is famous for its pandas, the zoo has plenty of other very interesting animals. Take for example the naked mole rat in the photo below. If he doesn’t qualify as interesting, then nothing does.

You have to admit, between the “nudity,” and being dead asleep with a sweet potato under his head, the little guy in the photo above looks like he passed out after a long night of alcohol-fueled partying. Even the Ueno Zoo employee who sent out this tweet seems to have felt the need to deny that the sleepy naked mole rat in the photo is drunk.

Translation of text
Good morning. Ueno Zoo is now open.
Were you all able to rest during the New Year’s holiday?
Although he’s using a sweet potato as a pillow, he is not drunk.

Japanese Twitter users also chimed in on this photo saying:

Any way you cut it, this guy looks like a drunk old man.

Using a sweet potato as a pillow, it’s like something straight out of a fairy tale.
It’s showing its belly, so that means it’s at ease. That’s so nice.

Drunk or not, somebody should probably get this rodent a better pillow and maybe a blanket too.

Source: Grape Japan
Featured image: Wikipedia Commons

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