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Tome, Japan’s Most Badass Grandma Is Back And This Time She Has A Young Disciple Who Does Parkour (Video)

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You’re never too old to kick some butt.

Last month the city of Tome in Miyagi Prefecture released a sequel to their award-winning action-packed promotional video from last year: Tome Musō (Tome is Unparalleled).

In Tome Musō 2 actress Sanae Kaneko, now 62-years-old, reprises her role as the aptly named Tome (Tome can also be a woman’s name), a butt-kicking stick-wielding grandma who in part one used her martial arts prowess to lead a battle against a mysterious group of men in suits that are for some reason hell-bent on getting rid of one of the city of Tome’s most famous and beloved dishes: a noodle dish called hatto.

Although thoroughly defeated in part one, it appears the leader of the men in suits – a man in a white suit and hat – didn’t quite get the message because Tome is once again forced to take him on in this sequel video. There’s just one problem. Tome doesn’t have her stick.

Sachi: Tome’s new disciple

Thankfully though, Tome now has an apprentice by her side. Her name is Sachi and she recently left her home in an unspecified big city to live in the beautiful city of Tome.

The man in white joined by a mysterious fan-wielding woman in red

Seeing her master stick-less and in trouble, Sachi uses her parkour skills (remember she’s from a big city where of course everyone does parkour) to go retrieve Tome’s trusty weapon.

Sachi showing off her parkour skills

With weapon in hand Tome, along with Sachi, proceed to kick some butt. However, right before Tome City’s most fierce defenders are able to deliver their finishing blows on their opponents, the residents of Tome City intervene and convince them to take it easy on the two Tome haters. By the end of the video the city of Tome is once gain at peace and the man in white seems to have gone from Tome hater to Tome lover.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Much like the first Tome Musō video, which you can watch here, Tome Musō 2 was made in order to get people to visit and relocate to the city of Tome. To date the first Tome Musō has gotten well over a million views. It also was recipient of the 6th Visual Tourism Award.

Source: Sankei News
Images: 登米無双2 (Tome City Official YouTube Channel)

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