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This Bento Making Robot Is Trapped In Its Own Version Of Hell (Video)

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It’s like the high-tech Japanese version of Sisyphus and his rock.

This past November 29 the Japan Robot Association kicked off the 2017 International Robot Exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight expo center and among all the amazing examples of robotics and engineering that were on display at this four-day event, one little bento making robot seems to have – in its own tragic way – stolen the show for some Japanese Twitter users.

The bento making robot in question was captured on video by Twitter user @R_Nikaido. In the video, which to date has gotten over 8,000 retweets and likes, you can see the robot packing food into bento boxes as they pass under it on a conveyor belt. However, it is not this impressive feat of engineering that caught @R_Nikaido‘s attention. Instead, it is the fact that after each bento is packed by the robot the conveyor belt seems to, as @R_Nikaido notedt throw them away.

Check out the video below.

Translation of text:
Seeing these bentos made by this bento packing robot get thrown away makes me think of something you’d see in hell. It’s painful to watch.

Of course, the food the robot is using is fake but still. There’s just something hauntingly sad about the apparent pointlessness of this robot’s task. It’s this kind of stuff that the robots will remember when they become self-aware and turn on humankind.

Source: MAG2NEWS
Image: Twitter (@R_Nikaido)

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