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Otagei Dancers Do Routine To The Sound Of The Iconic iPhone Ringtone (Video)

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Your phone is ringing.

Go to an anime song or idol concert in Japan and you will almost certainly see a bunch of guys frantically waving lightsticks around, cheering and jumping around, all while working up a mean sweat. This is called otagei (sometimes written wotagei) and it is one of the many ways otaku (hardcore fans of anime, manga, idols, etc.) express their love for the things they are passionate about. Although typically you do otagei to popular anime and pop idol songs, recently the otagei dance group Kita no Uchishitachi released a video to their YouTube channel that proves you can otagei to just about anything.

Released on November 4, the video below shows the Kita no Uchishitachi guys doing a pretty damn fun to watch otagei routine to a song that features some very danceable remixes of two melodies you are probably very familiar with, the Metronome and Xylophone ringtones from the Apple iPhone.

Check out the video below.

As for the song used in the video, it was created by a very talented music producer/remixer named MetroGnome. See him in action in the video below.

If you’d like to see some more impressive otagei dancing from the Kita no Uchishitachi guys, make sure to check out the article below.

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Source: Kita no Uchishitachi YouTube Channel
Image: 「iPhoneの着信音」をヲタ芸で表現してみた【北の打ち師達】 (Kita no Uchishitach YouTube CHannel)

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