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48 Year Old Elementary School Teacher Arrested And Fired After Allegedly Steal Bra Of 60 Year Old Woman

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Must be quite a lady.

On Friday (Nov. 3), the Nara Prefectural Board of Education revealed that they had dismissed a 48-year-old elementary school teacher who had been arrested after he allegedly got so “curious” about a 60-year-old woman’s bra that he was unable to stop himself from stealing it.

According to the announcement, on September 20 at about 11 p.m., Nobukazu Nakajima, a former teacher at Goido Elementary School in the city of Kashiba, stole a single  bra from the private residence of a 60-year-old woman in the city of Kashihara. Nakajima was arrested by Kashihara police the next day.

Nakajima reportedly explained his actions in the following manner, “I became curious about the shape of the bra and what decorations it had. I have betrayed the trust of my students. I am truly sorry.”

Interestingly, the arrest of Nakajima occurred on the same day as that of an unidentified elementary school teacher from Kashiba City, who allegedly stole a pair of women’s panties from a residence in Kashihara, took it to his car to take pictures and video of it with his phone, and then got caught as he was trying to return the single pair of underwear to the residence he had originally taken it from. Although it is not totally out of the question that Nakajima was behind both incidents, this seems unlikely given the current reporting which suggests that the Nara Prefectural Board of Education made no mention of this in their announcement on November 3.

Regardless of whether Nakajima was behind both incicents or not, it seems advisable that women in the Kashiba-Kashihara are keep an extra close eye on their underwear when around elementary school teachers.

Source: Livedoor News
Image: Japankyo

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