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Japanese Guitarist Rocks Out To The Funky Beat Of A Washing Machine (Video)

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The cleanest beats around.

As with pretty much any major endeavor, getting good at playing an instrument takes many long hours of solitary practice and hard work. However, every once in a while you just gotta have some fun. It’s at times like these when you call over your friends to have a nice jam session. But what do you do if all your friends are busy? Well, one thing you could do is follow the example of the Japanese Youtuber and guitarist Kikori and just turn on your washing machine.

Released earlier this week (Nov. 6) the video below shows Kikori jamming out to what would normally be an annoyingly loud washing machine but in this context ends up being a pretty impressive jam session partner. The combination of the steady and fast-paced beats produced by the washing machine doing its thing and Kikori’s masterful skills on the guitar end up creating a pretty fun little song.

Check out Kikori as he rocks out to the sound of someone washing their underwear.

Yeah, the washing machine may not be the most “dynamic” of partners but if you need to change things up all you have to do is pour in a little gravel. Or you could just throw a pair of sneakers into a dryer if you’re looking for some more “free form” beats.

In case you were curious, the video of the washing machine that Kikori uses is from a popular tweet from June 2016. The text reads “The two level washing machine in my house has got some great rhythm.”

Source: Kikori YouTube Channel
Image: 洗濯機とギターでセッションしてみた-Washing Machine on Guitar (Kikori YouTube Channel)

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