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Japanese Mall’s Black Friday Commercials Shows Pop Idols Magically Changing Clothes And Other “Super Amazing” Things (Video)

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It’s that time of the year again.

Although it may seem a bit strange given that people in Japan don’t celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, Black Friday is indeed a thing in Japan. Never one to ignore an opportunity to get people to spend money, over the past several years an increasing number of Japanese retailers have started participating in this annual celebration of consumerism. This year is no different and AEON, the largest retailer in Asia and one of the main companies responsible for the adoption of Black Friday in Japan, has even come out with a series of amusing commercials to help get the word out about their big Black Friday sale.

Released over the course of the past couple of weeks, these commercials were created to promote AEON’s  “Super Amazing” (cho sugoi) Black Friday sale at their massively successful chain of malls, AEON MALL. Going with the whole “super amazing” theme of their sale, the commercials show some “super amazing” things and then point out that their sale is just as amazing as what you just saw.

For example, this first commercial shows two pop idols chatting it up in a changing room, when all of the sudden someone comes in and tells them that there’s three minutes until showtime. Hearing this the two girls freak out and begin to magically change from outfit to outfit, until finally finding the one they’re supposed to wear for the event. All the while a voice keeps pointing out how the AEON Black Friday sale is “this super amazing.”

This other one shows some very real looking “super amazing” 2D french fries.

Here’s a “super amazing” contortionist just relaxing at home.

And here’s a “super amazing” crowded train.

Even though it seems like Black Friday will be sticking around as a new custom in Japan for the foreseeable future, at the very least there don’t seem to be people getting trampled over cheap home appliances…  for the time being…

Source: Mag2news
Image: 【超スゴい!】 ライブ直前に衣装トラブル発生!本番に間に合うのか!? (AEON MALL BLACK FRIDAY)

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