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Japanese Gravure Idol Erina Kamiya Tries Her Hand At The Naked Comedy Routine Of Akira 100% (Video)

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Erina Kamiya fans, you may now rejoice.

The Japanese gravure idol and member of the idol group Kamen Joshi (Masked Girls), Erina Kamiya, has started her own YouTube channel and judging by her second video, it seems she knows what her fans want to see.

So what does Erina do in her second video? She goes bottomless in order to imitates the comedic stylings of Akira 100%, a Japanese comedian known for doing a routine in which he does a variety of “risky” movements all while completely naked and using nothing but a small metal tray to cover up those parts that can’t be shown on network television.

Here’s Akira 100% using his tray to play naked rock-paper-scissors.

However, rather than using a small metal tray like Akira, Erina uses a fairly large tray meant to look like a watermelon. She also does not go topless. Nevertheless, after taking her swimsuit bottom off she still does many of the risque movements Akira is known for.

For example, she switches between two different trays just like Akira (although much more slowly).

She makes sure to do the old no-hands trick that Akira is quite good at.

She does some impressive jumps.

And much more, including the grand finale, which involves her switching from the watermelon tray to a small “paper balloon.”

Her last trick doesn’t quite work out though. In fact, this last trick is the reason why the title of this video is “(Fail) A girl tries to do Akira 100%”

Check out Erina’s failure and everything else for yourself in the video below

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Source: Kamiya Erina YouTube Channel
Image: 【失敗】アキラ100パーセントを女がやってみた (Kamiya Erina YouTube Channel)

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