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Japanese Youtuber Creates “Sword” Using Fidget Spinners And Compressed Air (Video)

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Don’t take one of these to school.

The popular and very… creative Japanese Youtuber Sushi Ramen Riku has come up with a very interesting and destructive way of using fidget spinners.

In this new video, Riku can be seen using his impressive DIY skills to construct what he calls a “sword” out of normal everyday fidget spinners and compressed air. He does this by constructing a sort of bat composed of many fidget spinners and then using compressed air to make the spinners spin at dangerously high speeds. He then tests his crazy spinning club by swinging it at bottles, wine glasses and konyaku, a jello-o like rubbery food used in many Japanese dishes.

He also uses the bat to play a prank on the guy below.

See Riku’s crazy fidget spinner sword in action in the video below.

As you saw in the video, this fidget spinner sword still needs a little more work but it definitely seems to have potential. If he’s able to keep the compressed air going the whole time then this thing might turn into a pretty scary weapon. Knowing Riku though, he’s probably already thought of this and is currently working on making an upgraded version of this crazy sword.

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube Channel
Image: ハンドスピナーで最強の刀を作ってみた【ビンを粉砕!?】 (Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube Channel_

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