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Better Than Nyotaimori? Japanese Youtubers Eat Sushi Off Body Of Naked Man (Video)

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As long as it’s good sushi, who cares what it’s served on, right?

Even if you’ve never heard of the term nyotaimori, odds are you’re familiar with what this word refers to. Composed of the kanji characters for “woman” (女), “body” (体) and “to heap” (盛り), this word refers to the act of eating sushi and/or sashimi of the body of a naked (typically young) woman. Although very well-known as one of those crazy things Japanese people do, this practice is not common at all and most likely mainly practiced by people with money to burn. Interestingly though, as infamous as nyotaimori is you never hear anything about the male version of this, dantaimori (男体盛り). That is, until now.

Recently, the crazy guys at the YouTube channel Tokai On-Air, who some of you may remember from that ridiculous “human bowling” video from last month, released a video in which they actually get one of their Youtuber friends to get naked and let them place sushi and sashimi on his nude body in order to play a prank on the popular Youtuber Taipon.

In the video, Shibayu (above: left) and Tetsuya (above: right) explain that they wanted to try out nyotaimori for themselves and eat sushi off a naked girl, but they weren’t able to find a girl who would agree to do that, so they had to settle for a naked guy.

The video shows the whole process of arranging sushi all over their friend’s naked body, from his face all the way down to his little dynamite roll.

At the end of the video the guys at Tokai On-Air surprise Taipon with their beautifully arranged dantaimori. After the big “surprise” is revealed though, Taipon surprises them back by revealing that he can’t eat fish. Maybe next time they should check whether their guest can actually eat sushi…

See the dantaimori for yourself in the video below.

Source: Tokai On-Air
Image: 『女体盛り』ならぬ『男体盛り』でも興奮するのか!? (Tokai On-Air)

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