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Actress Hinako Sakurai Shoots Kawaii Beams From Eyes And Fights Ogres In Momotaro Inspired Okayama Ad (Video)

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All you need is the power of kawaii.

In an effort to promote tourism to the city of Okayama, the city has released a video that can only be described as “kawaii.”

Released on October 7, this new promotional video stars model, actress and Okayama-native HInako Sakurai. The video presents a super “kawaii” (cute) version of the classic Japanese fairy tale Momotaro which according to legend is supposed to have taken place in Okayama.

MC Hammer approves of these pants

Sakurai plays the role of “Peach Girl” (Momo Garu), a super cute female version of the oni (demon/ogre) fighting super strong “Peach Boy” himself, Momotaro.

The most kawaii Kamehameha you’ll ever see

The song and dance that can be seen and heard throughout the video is based on a song and dance performed at the Okayama Momotaro Festival which is held every summer in the city of Okayama. This song, and its corresponding dance are called “Uraja” and this is why you hear “Uraja” repeated throughout most of the video.

About 200 residents of Okayama joined Sakurai in the final dance number

Something else that can be observed throughout much of the video is Sakurai’s super cute powers. She seems to possess the ability to shoot beams and “cutify” things. Why? Well, as often is the case when something Japanese doesn’t seem to make sense, this is all because of a silly pun.


When used by itself the Japanese word oni, tends to be translated as “demon” or “ogre” depending on the context. However, when used before an adjective, such as kawaii, oni takes on the role of an intensifier. In other words, it more or less functions the same way as “very” or “crazy” or even “freaking.” And so, the phrase oni kawaii, which is the theme of the video and what Sakurai can be heard saying numerous times at the end of the video, means something along the lines of “crazy cute” or “freaking cute.” Yes, it’s not a very amusing pun, but at least it resulted in a rather… unique video.

This oni no match for the power of kawaii

In any case, get in an oni kawaii mood by watching this crazy cute video below.

Images: 桜井日奈子、“桃尻”衣装でキュートにダンス! 岡山市PR動画で

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