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Nara Teacher Borrows Pair Of Panties Without Permission, Leaves People Wondering What It Means To Steal

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It’s ok to take someone’s panties as long as you give them back, right?

A male elementary school teacher from the Nara city of Kashiba was arrested on September 21 under suspicion of theft for allegedly stealing a pair of women’s underwear, taking pictures and video of it and then returning the panties to the place where he found them, it was reported on Monday (Oct. 2).

According to reports, the elementary school teacher is suspected of having stolen a single pair of women’s underwear from a residence in the Nara city of Kashihara. Reports indicate that pictures and at least one video of the underwear in question were found on the man’s smartphone.

The man reportedly told police, “After I stole the panties I took pictures and video of the underwear from inside my car. Then I returned the underwear.”

Although certainly a minor incident it nevertheless seems to have gotten people curious about what exactly qualifies as “theft” in the eyes of the law in Japan. In fact, it seems to have gotten people so curious that even Mr Koshiro Yamato, a Japanese lawyer was asked to weigh in on the case.

According to Mr. Yamato, this example of “borrowing” something without permission still qualifies as theft. As Mr Yamato put it “The crime of theft occurs when you infringe upon the exclusive ownership rights over an item,” and this is exactly what happend in this case. Once the elementary school teacher (allegedly) took that pair of oh so enticing panties from wherever it is he found them, it doesn’t matter whether it was a clothesline or the victim’s bedroom, he committed the crime of theft as defined by the law in Japan.

Mr Yamato also added that using an item that you do not own without the permission of the owner, even if it is only momentary and you return the item physically undamaged, could in some cases be considered, according to the law, theft.

In what was perhaps the most amusing comment in his explanation of why the Nara elementary school teacher’s alleged actions qualify as theft, he explained that wearing panties that don’t belong to you on your head, smelling panties that don’t belong to you, and much like in this case, taking pictures and/or video of panties that don’t belong to you without the permission of the owner of said panties, are all actions that could potentially land you in legal hot water.

In other words, there’s no such thing as “borrowing without permission,” especially when it comes to panties. And remember to always ask “May I” before you sniff a woman’s undergarment. It’s the right thing to do.

Source: Baku Channel
Image: Japankyo

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