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Learn How To Make Plastic Bottle VR Goggles, Straw Claws And Other Silly Things With This Comedic DIY Video Series (Video)

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No Japanese necessary!

Have you ever wondered how to make a set of VR goggles out of plastic drink bottles? Or how about how to use a T-shirt to make ice cream? No? What about how you could use straws to steal somebody’s snacks? Still no? Odds are you haven’t but you can definitely learn how to do all these things, while at the same time having a good time thanks to a new Japanese series  called Tachimachi Lab (literally: In an instant lab).

Tachimachi Lab is a video series started in September by a Japanese musician, entertainer and Youtuber named Toshihiro Wada. In this YouTube/Facebook series, Wada plays a “researcher” at the aforementioned fictional Tachimachi Lab. There, Wada and a fellow “researcher” named Ayana come up with all sorts of wacky inventions and impractical solutions to problems, all as a way to mess with each other.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the Tachimachi Lab series is that neither Wada nor Ayana speak a single word in any of the videos. Essentially, Tachimachi Lab is a unique cross between a silent comedy (like Mr. Bean) and the standard DIY videos you find all over YouTube. Thanks to this interesting approach, Tachimachi Lab is not only accessible to people that can’t speak Japanese but also fun to watch for people that wouldn’t normally enjoy watching tutorial videos.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of of these videos.

First up, we have a video teaching you how to make VR goggles out of plastic (PET) bottles. Make sure to watch until the end.

Here’s how you make a “magic hand” out of straws in order to steal your friend’s snacks. Again, make sure to watch until the end to see Ayana get her revenge.

Here’s how you use a T-shirt and milk in order to make ice cream (you should probably use an old T-shirt for this one).

Here’s how you make salt using actual water from the ocean… it’s a lot more practical to just go buy some salt from the supermarket though…

And finally, here’s how you dye a T-shirt using some delicious grapes.

For more Tachimachi Lab videos, you can either go to Wada’s YouTube channel or the official Tachimachi Lab Facebook page. On Wada’s channel you’ll find quite a few other videos that aren’t in the Tachimachi Lab series so if you’re not interested in his other content, then you may want to just check out his Facebook page.

Source: Wada Toshihiro YouTube Channel
Image: ペットボトルで360°VRゴーグルを作ってみた【おもしろDIY】/How to make VR cardboard (Wada Toshihiro YouTube Channel)

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