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Hiroshima College Student Caught With Marijuana In Her Buns, Her Hot Dog Buns

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At least it wasn’t the bunhole…

Unlike some other kinds of bread, hot dog buns are good for pretty much only one thing, putting hot dogs in. However, one Hiroshima college student doesn’t seem to have gotten this memo because according to police she tried to use one of these weiner covers as a way to smuggle marijuana into Japan.

On September 19, Risa Yorizone, a 21-year-old female university student and resident of Hiroshima, arrived at the Hiroshima airport after returning from a trip to Europe. After getting off her flight, which had departed from Shanghai, all was going well until she was selected for a routine luggage inspection at customs.

Inside Yorizone’s luggage the customs inspector found something peculiar, a lone hot dog bun. Although certainly strange keeping a hot dog bun in your suitcase is perfectly legal. What the customs inspector found inside the hot dog bun is not though.

Rather than finding a cold smushed sausage the inspector discovered 0.97 grams (0.03 ounces) of marijuana in a plastic bag.

After Yorizone’s illicit use of a hot dog bun was uncovered she was taken into custody and finally arrested on September 20 for being in violation of Japan’s very strictly enforced Cannabis Control Law.

Yorizone is not denying that the hot dog bun and marijuana were hers but she is denying that she tried to smuggle the marijuana into the country. She was quoted by police as saying “I wasn’t trying to smuggle it [the marijuana] into the country. I just forgot the marijuana was in there.”

Even if Yorizone is telling the truth though, the question of why she thought keeping marijuana in a hot dog bun was a good idea in the first place still remains.

Source: Nikkan Sports (Oct. 6)
Image: Pixabay

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