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Japanese YouTube Channel Serves Up Teeny Tiny Edible Versions Of Your Favorite Foods (Video)

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If you’re feeling a “little” hungry, then this YouTube channel is for you.

Miniature Space is a very popular Japanese YouTube channel that since December of 2014 has been uploading cooking videos. The channel is so popular that it’s not at all rare for one of their videos to get a couple hundred thousand views (some even get well-over a million views). And yet, for the most part the cooking tutorial videos you find on Miniature Space are pretty run-of-the-mill. Every video features someone skillfully preparing a plate of a delicious looking meal or dessert. So why is Miniature Space so popular?

As the name of this channel implies, everything in the videos on Miniature Space is small. The fpod is tiny. The utensils used to cook the food are mini. The kitchenware is adorably little. And the dishware and tables one which the food is served is wonderfully minute.

Although, these mini foods won’t fill you up (unless you eat like 50 portions), they still seem pretty tasty and watching them get made is genuinely entertaining. So today, we’ll be taking a look at teeny tiny selection of the vast menu of videos you can find on Miniature Space.

Mini karaage

Karaage is essentially the Japanese version of fried boneless chicken. It’s utterly delicious and beloved by many. In the video below, you’ll see a delightful miniature version of this deep fried treat. Particularly amusing is the use of the mini deep fryer.

Mini cheeseburger

Next up is the smallest slider you’ve probably ever seen. Prepared using a tiny knife, a mini spatula and a mini grill powered by a tiny candle, this video manages to be both amusing and appetizing.

Mini sashimi

Here’s some mini sashimi made from a tiny fish. Check out the tiny chopsticks and the little dish of soy sauce.

Mini fried rice

Here’s a teeny dish of fried rice. Check out the mini wok.

Mini donuts

And now it’s time for a little dessert.. Here’s some mini donuts. Gotta love that tiny trash can.

Mini sweet potato pie

Here’s a mini sweet potato pie, made with a tiny oven. Delicious.

Mini green tea (matcha) cake

And lastly, here’s a wonderful little green tea (matcha) cake.

If you’d like to check out more of these adorably delicious mini food videos, make sure to check out the Miniature Space YouTube channel.

Source: Miniature Space
Image: MiniFood Fried chicken 食べれるミニチュアからあげ (Miniature Space)

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