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Mari The Japanese Wonder Dog Wows People With Her Amazing Megic Show And Hilarious Skits (Video)

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The hardest working dog on YouTube.

Mari is an aspiring actress. She, along with her partner regularly put out YouTube videos showing off her various skills. Comedy, athletics, and even magic, she does it all and that’s despite not even being human.

Since 2009, Mari, a very clever and well-trained Shiba inu, and her owner Inose have been making amusing little “skit” videos and uploading them to their YouTube channel inosemarine. These videos tend to be funny little skits that show off Mari’s many amazing abilities, including her excellent comedic timing. For example, in her most recent video, Mari showed off her skills as a magician.

Check out Mari’s incredible Las Vega-worthy magic show below.

So aside from flawlessly pulling off classic tricks like yankling a tablecloth off of a table with a wine glass on it, what else can Mari do? A whole lot.

She’s a good vocal coach. She’s great at helping people preparing for an audition improve their elocution, sense of rhythm and vocal range, and she does it in very interesting ways (check out the nipple bell).

She’s a skilled gymnast (however, the judges end up giving her 0 points because her “coach” entered the performance area during her routine).

She can help cheer on an amateur driver as he nervously tries to back up into a parking spot.

She can help operate one of Tokyo’s Yamanote Line trains while the main conductor is in an intense argument with his wife.

However, Mari can also be quite the diva. See what happens when her owner tries to show his affection for her by trying to kiss her in the video below.

She also loves ruining Inose’s cooking show. In the video below, which has been getting a lot of attention lately, Mari plays the role of an assistant to Inose who is trying to make a short cooking tutorial. However, it seems like she really doesn’t want him to succeed because she sabotages him at every turn.

If you’d like to see more of Mari’s comedic videos, then make sure to check out her YouTube channel here.

Source: Nico Nico News
Image: ベガス帰りなの? イリュージョン犬! (inosemarine)

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