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Olympic Synchronized Swimmers Do Routine In Japanese Hot Springs (Video)

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Don’t do any of this next time you visit an onsen

Oita Prefecture has released a video featuring former professional Japanese synchronized swimmers doing a routine in some of the prefecture’s onsen (Japanese hot springs) as a way to both promote tourism to the area and suppot the current Japanese national synchronized swimming team, which is set to compete in the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championship in Budapest later this month (July 14-30).

Called “Shinfuro,” which is a play on a shortened version of the Japanese word for synchronized swimming (shinkuro) and furo, the Japanese word for “bath” or “bathtub,” this promotional video features five synchronized swimmers, including Mikako Kotani, a bronze medalist at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Raiki Fujii a silver medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, breaking all sorts of onsen etiquette.

Although it is common in many other countries to wear a swimsuit when enjoying a soak in hot springs, in Japan you’re supposed to go naked. Also, you’re not supposed to swim or do anything like what the ladies in the video are doing. However, it seems that Oita Prefecture made an exception for these world-class athletes.

Nine different onsen, ranging in depth from half a meter to one meter were used in the video. Aside from the swimming routine though, the video also shows some footage of previous world championships and clips of the current Japanese national synchronized swimming team.

Check out this ‘stealy’ video below.

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Source: Mainichi Shinbun
Images:【おんせん県】日本代表応援ムービー シンフロ特別編~元オリンピック選手が挑戦!~SHINFURO (Oita Official YouTube)

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