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Music Group Uses Traditional Japanese Instruments To Do Covers Of Movie Themes, Pop Songs & More (Video)

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Have you ever wondered what the Pirates of the Caribbean theme would sound like if the movie was about samurai rather than pirates? You probably haven’t but thanks to a group of Japanese musicians you’re about to find out. Take a listen below.

This cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is the work of a 5-piece kitsune (fox) mask wearing group called Mahora. They  use traditional Japanese instruments like the koto, shakuhachi and shamisen, to do some pretty entertaining covers of popular contemporary music.

Mahora has been active on YouTube for about a year now and during that time they’ve managed to build up a pretty interesting selection of covers of well-known songs, both Western and Japanese. For example, there’s this cover of the One
Direction song, “Story of My Life.”

Here’s a great ‘Japanese’ take on the theme to the classic anime, Lupin the Third.

For the Studio Ghibli fans, here’s Mahora’s take on “Sayonara no Natsu,” which is the theme of From Up on Poppy Hill (Kokurikozaka kara).

And finally for you fans of Japanese drama shows, you may want to check out Mahora’s most recent video because it’s a cover of “Romantic ga Tomaranai,” the 1980s Japanese pop song originally performed by C-C-B and prominently featured in the 2005 television series, Densha Otoko (Train Man).

In the past couple of months Mahora seems to have picked up the pace at which they release videos so hopefully that means they have a lot more in the works.

Source: Mahora YouTube Channel
Image: パイレーツオブカリビアンのテーマ曲を和楽器で弾いてみた!【Pirates of the Caribbean】Japanese Cover (Mahora Official YouTube Channel)

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