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Pikotaro Gets Anime Series, Avex Releases Preview Of Pikotaro Sung Ending (Video)

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“I wanna sing you to sleep, my sweet one.”

On Wednesday (Jul 5) the Japanese video and music production company Avex released a preview of the ending song for Pikotaro’s upcoming anime series Pikotaro’s Lullaby Lullaby (ピコ太郎のララバイラーラバイ, pikotaro no rarabai raarabai),

Created and planned by the Japanese comedian, music producer and man that plays Pikotaro, Kosaka Daimaou, this anime series was announced last month and will consist of three-minute-long “fairy tale”-esque episodes featuring Mr. PPAP himself, Pikotaro. The ending song, which shares the same name as the anime, was also produced by Kosaka and sung by his alter-ego Pikotaro.

The video also shows some interesting images of what the anime will probably look like.

Check it out the short preview below.

Pikotaro’s Lullaby Lullaby is currently set to premiere via the NTT Docomo run Japanese video streaming service dTV on July 17. Information about the series’ broadcast television premiere has not yet been released, but should be forthcoming.

Source: Mynavi
Image: ピコ太郎 / TVアニメ「ピコ太郎のララバイラーラバイ【TV animation PIKO TARO ‘s LULLABY LALA BY】」ED映 (avex)

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