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Tokyo Man Holds Up Cop At Knifepoint In Order To Steal His Gun, Doesn’t Work (Video)

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Something is definitely not right with this guy…

On Thursday (Jun 1) police in Tokyo arrested a man who allegedly held up a police officer at knifepoint in order to get him to hand over a police handgun.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, on June 1 at about 9:30 p.m., a 68-year-old unemployed man with no fixed address named Toshio Aizawa entered a police box in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward and threatened the 59-year-old police sergeant on duty with a 13 centimeter long knife that he pulled out of a bag he was carrying. With knife in hand Aizawa demanded that the sergeant “hand over his handgun.”

After using his baton to knock the knife out of Aizawa’s hand, the sergeant and Aizaawa got into a physical altercation, which ended when another officer came to the sergeant’s aid and helped subdue Aizawa.

Aizawa was arrested on charges of attempted robbery. However, police are currently looking into bumping up these charges to attempted murder.

In response to police questioning Aizawa has been quoted as saying “I thought I would embarrass the police by stealing their guns and IDs and killing them.” It is not yet known why Aizawa would want to “embarrass” police in this way.

If you would like to see a CG recreation of this story, check out the TomoNews Japan video below.

Source: NHK, TomoNews Japan
Image: 警察官から拳銃奪おうとした68歳男逮捕 (TomoNews Japan)

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