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5 Creative Reimaginings Of The FamilyMart Entrance Jingle (Video)

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Spend even just a day or two in Japan and most likely you will come across a FamilyMart. This convenience store franchise is one of the largest in Japan and, for the most part, can be found nationwide. Although they aren’t all that different from other convenience stores, they do manage to set themselves apart in a few ways. One of these ways, is through the use of a catchy little jingle that plays when you walk into any of their stores.

Not surprisingly, the iconic nature of the FamilyMart jingle has resulted in a large number of people creating remixes of this hard to forget melody. Today, we’ll be taking a look at five of the most interesting takes on the FamilyMart jingle. So, without further ado, let’s get started. And by the way, if you’re not familiar with this jingle, you definitely will be by the end of this list.

5. Using real sounds

This first entry on the list is a creative track that features sounds recorded at an actual FamilyMart. The video below even includes footage of the creator of this remix recording the sounds that he would later use in the song.

4. Piano style

At number 4, we have an original composition based on the FamilyMart jingle that is expertly performed on the piano..

3. Hollywood Blockbuster style

At number 3, we have a truly impressive remix of the FamilyMart jingle that sounds like it’s straight off of the soundtrack to a major Hollywood film.

2. Beatbox remix

At number 2, we have a cool beatbox rendition of the FamilyMart jingle, performed by the popular Japanese YouTuber/beatboxer Daichi. All the sounds you hear in this song were produced by Daichi, using only his mouth.

1. The Mozart version

Although this is one of the shorter entries on the list, this remix is also one of the more amusing ones. This Mozart inspired version will leave you feeling like you should dress-up the next time you go to FamilyMart to get yourself a rice ball.

Sources: Ayumi Yamashita, Daichi Beatboxer, dossi333, Hideo1991, KK
Image: ファミマ店員さんの声を勝手に録音してリミックスしてみた

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