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Japanese School Girls Show Off Sumo Moves To Promote High School Sumo Tournament (Video)

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A new video is using Japanese school girls to give people a crash course on sumo, white at the same time promoting an upcoming high school sumo tournament.

This new video stars the “Sumo Girls,” a group consisting of actresses Misaki Jinbu and a university student named Chihiro, which was formed in order to both educate people about sumo and promote the upcoming 101st Kanazawa High School Sumo Wrestling Tournament, which will take place on May 21 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Misaki Jinbu

In the video Jinbu and Chihiro can be seen performing the 82 techniques that a sumo wrestler can use against their opponent to win a match (kimarite), all while wearing those classic sailor uniforms that are a mainstay of anime and manga.

Number 1: Oshitaoshi

The video was shot over a period of three days and thanks to the fact that both Jinbu and Chihiro have black belts in judo, first degree and third degree respectively, this video really manages to capture the intensity and power of these 82 ‘finishing moves.’

Check out the video below.


When asked to comment on her experience filming this video, Jinbu jestingly commented “I learned that it’s difficult to do sumo techniques while wearing a sailor uniform.” She also mentioned that of the 82 techniques featured in the video she particularly enjoyed sabaori (number 20).

And in case you were wondering, competitors of the 101st Kanazawa High School Sumo Wrestling Tournament will NOT have to wear school girl outfits.

Sumo Girls Official Website
Misaki Jinbu Official Twitter

Source: KAI-YOU, JCC
Image: 【相撲ガールズ82手】セーラー服の美少女が、本気で相撲!?世界一カワイイ相撲技解説ムービー公開!, Misaki Jinbu Official Twitter

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