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Pikotaro And Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike Team Up In Order To Get People To Change Their Light Bulbs (Video)

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The city of Tokyo has released a parody video of last year’s viral sensation PPAP, which stars both the man responsible for PPAP, Pikotaro, and Tokyo’s current governor Yuriko Koike.

This peculiar team-up between the leopard print suit wearing YouTube star and Tokyo’s first female governor is the result of a Tokyo city campaign intended to promote energy conservation by getting more households to switch from incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

As part of this campaign people are able to go to participating home electronics stores and get one free LED bulb for every two incandescent bulbs they trade in. In other words, if you have a light bulb and you have another light bulb and you (figuratively) put them together you get an LED light bulb and it is this which in part inspired the city of Tokyo to approach Pikotaro about doing a parody video of his famous song.

In the video Governor Koike can be seen wearing a Pikotaro inspired leopard print scarf, which she reportedly said made her look like an old lady from Osaka (women of a certain age from Osaka have a reputation of wearing leopard print clothing). She also is said to have had a bit of difficulty at first with the PPAP dance moves, but thanks to Pikotaro’s expert guidance the two were able to have a successful shoot, which ended in applause from the crew.

At a press conference held on May 26 Governor Koike jokingly commented that she would send the video to Justin Bieber.

Pikotaro has also commented on the new video, saying “This very special Governor Koike, a.k.a. Yuritaro, PPAP is wonderful PIKO! Let’s all ‘uh!’ (the sound he makes when bringing two things together) and conserve energy PIKO!”

Check out the English subtitle version of this ‘better late than never’ PPAP PSA below.

Source: Barks Japan Music Network
Image: LED省エネムーブメントPR動画(啓発版・60秒・English (Tokyo)

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