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J-YouTuber Uses Pantyhose To Pop Balloon In Very Painful Way (Video)

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Oh YouTube…

The Japanese YouTuber Mizuki Aono has released a video in which she tries to pop a balloon in a very creative but totally inefficient and painful way.

In the video below Mizuki puts pantyhose over her head and then tries to pop a balloon within three minutes by inflating it while it is stuffed in between the side of her face and the stocking. The video begins with her explaining that this is something she’s been wanting to try and so she’s excited to finally do it. However, once she gets started it doesn’t take her long to start complaining about how much her cheek and face hurt and how she can’t keep going because of the pain. So does she actually manage to pop it? Find out by watching the video. By the way, itai means “It hurts” or “ouch” in Japanese. You’ll be hearing her say that a lot so you may as well know what it means.

Source: Mizuki Aono blue TV
Image: 【顔面崩壊】本気でパンスト風船したけど。。。(笑)

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