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300 High School Students Pull Off Impressive Dance Number In This Popular Pocari Sweat Ad (Video)

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With its impressive dance choreography and positive message a recent ad for Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat really seems to have resonated with a lot of people in Japan.

Released last month (Apr. 14), this impressive ad is primarily targeted at students starting off the new school year, which in Japan begins in April. The ad features Japanese model Rikako Yagi and 300 dancers dressed in school uniforms performing an epic song and dance routine as part of a fictional beginning of the school year ceremony at a school.

Along with the striking visuals of this massive dance number, the ad  has also managed to capture people’s attentions with its vary positive message, which encourages the youth of Japan to let out their latent potential and believe that they are capable of more than they think they are.

“Let out your latent potential”

Since the various versions of this ad were released to YouTube a little over a month ago, they have managed to rack up close to 500,000 views and this is despite the fact that the shorter versions of these ads have been airing regularly on Japanese television. Reaction on Japanese social media has also been very positive and long-lasting with people still talking about this ad even a month after it first began airing. Tweets such as the ones below reveal how deeply this ad seems to have resonated with some people.

“Watching this Pocari commercial made me think that I wanted to be reborn and be a student all over again”
“I really love Pocari’s recent commercials”
“I always make sure to watch this video before leaving my house”
“I was moved to tears”

See what all the fuss is about by checking out all the different versions of this fun commercial below. Also, for those of you interested in a little behind the scenes footage, make sure to check out the making of video which you can also find below.

60 Second Version


30 Second Version

15 Second Version

Making Of

Source: Pouch
Images: ポカリスエットCM|「踊る始業式」篇 60秒

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