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If You Snort Coke After Snorting Wasabi, Does It Alleviate The Pain? J-YouTuber Finds Out (Video)

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The basis for this hypothesis seems faulty at best.

Last month a brave Japanese YouTuber with an intense thirst for knowledge put his nose on the line, all for the sake of… science?

Uploaded to the YouTube channel Waffle Gang Dan, the video below stars a YouTuber who refers to himself as the “Dancho” (Leader) of the Waffle Gang.  Dancho begins the video by explaining that he’s going to conduct an experiment in order to find out whether snorting Coca Cola immediately after snorting wasabi gets rid of the painful effects of the intensely spicy condiment. Following this he does a test run, in which he orally tests whether Coca Cola can drown out the effects of ginger, which is also spicy (although not quite in the same way wasabi is). The results of this pretest are ambiguous at best.

After his dubious pretest Dancho gets the wasabi out and begins to get it ready to be snorted by crushing it and mixing it with a bit of water. The entire time he is also complaining about how scared and reluctant he is to go though with his experiment. However, Dancho, being a man of science and his word, doesn’t let that fear stop him from going through with it and finding out the answer to his very important question.

Check out Dancho’s groundbreaking experiment below. And for a translation of Dancho’s final thoughts on his experience make sure to check under the video.


“The Coke hurts more! The Coke didn’t cancel out the wasabi at all! Actually, the Coke just completely replaced the wasabi. It hurts. The Coke hurts so much. Oh this is tough. Coke hurts. The results of today’s experiment showed that snorting Coke is incredibly painful. You shouldn’t snort it. Okay, see you.”

No one ever said science was easy, right? Dancho, we salute you for your sacrifice. Now please, no one try this at home.

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Source: Waffle Gang Dan
Image: 鼻からシュッと「鼻わさび」「鼻コーラ」 

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