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Japanese Comedic Duo Raps About Sunscreen In New Rohto Ad (Video)

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Spray me with your love magic
Image source: Rohto YouTube

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto has released a new ad featuring a couple of Japanese comedians rapping about the most gangster topic ever, sunscreen.

Starring the Japanese comedic duo Sanshirō as a couple of “rappers” calling themselves WATER MAGICS, this ad is all about how amazing Rohto’s “Skin Aqua Spray Water Magic UV” sunscreen is. Throughout the video these UV radiation conscious artists can be heard rapping about how well this sunscreen repels water and how it protects you from the sun’s UV rays no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Check out the video below and if you’d like to see translations of a few of the more “memorable” lyrics in this video, make sure to keep scrolling down.

Have a romantic adventure with me and your white skin

I’ll spray it on you, it’s the magic of love, after you use it once you’ll be hooked

I’ll protect your white skin

I’ll spray the magic of love on you and protect your white skin

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