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By 2050 Robots Will Defeat The Best Soccer Team In The World Says RoboCup 2017 Ad (Video)

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It’s only a matter of time before robots start bribing FIFA officials
Image source: RoboCup 2017 PV

In preparation for this summer’s Robot Soccer World Cup (RoboCup), the event’s organizers have released a promotional video in which they remind viewers of their goal, to have an all robot, fully independent soccer team defeat the winners of the most recent FIFA World Cup in a soccer match by the year 2050.

Started in 1997, the RoboCup is an annual international tournament held with the goal of promoting the advancement of robotics and AI through fun competition. Although the RoboCup has multiple events for robots to compete in, it is best known for its all robot soccer tournament.

“By 2050 a robot soccer team will defeat the world cup champions.””
Image source: RoboCup 2017 PV

Much like the human World Cup, the RoboCup is always held at a different location around the world and this year it is returning to the place where the very first RoboCup was held 20 years ago, Nagoya, Japan.

The promotional video for this year’s RoboCup begins in epic fashion by reminding viewers of the event’s goal of having robots defeat the best soccer team in the world by the middle of the century. After this we’re treated to footage of human soccer players in action, a glowing flying ball, and of course, robots playing soccer.

Message to the robots
“Let’s play soccer!”
Image source: RoboCup 2017 PV

The video also has guest appearances by Keishi Tamada and Koki Sugimori, two players of the professional Nagoya soccer team, Grampus, as well as, Masashi Sekiguchi, a member of Nagoya’s professional futsol team, Nagoya Oceans (pictured below).

Message to the robots
“Let’s play futsol!”
Image source: RoboCup 2017 PV

Watch the RoboCup 2017 promotional video below.

The 2017 RoboCup will be begin on July 27 and end July 30. Tickets are now on sale.

For more information you can visit the official RoboCup 2017 English website here.

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