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Breakdancers Use Trays To Pull Off Impressive Naked Dance Routine (Video)

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So much flopping…
Image source: GOODmen YouTube

A Japanese group of dancers has released a video that proves you don’t need clothes to breakdance, you just need an extremely well-placed tray and some spot-on dance choreography.

This new video stars GOODmen, a Japanese entertainment group composed of experienced dancers, including the very well-known Japanese professional dancer ISOPP. Armed with only a metal tray to hide their floppy bits and their hands to cover their rears, these five “GOODmen” can be seen performing a very entertaining dance routine in this video, which was inspired by the winner of the 2017 R-1 solo comedian competition, Akira 100%.

Official Akira 100% Twitter Page

Akira 100% is known in part for his original character “Detective Marugoshi,” a detective who is always naked and uses a tray to cover up his “pistol.” During these skits Akira 100% often uses the song, which can be heard in the video below, “Rhythm And Police.”

If you’d like to see some pictures of the GOODmen wearing clothes, then you should check out their official Fcebook page.

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