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The Robot Tour Guide RoboHon Has Started Showing People Around Tokyo (Video)

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If you’re going to be visiting Tokyo in the near future, then you may want to try out a new robot tour guide service that is being offered by Haneda Airport.

As of this past Tuesday (Apr. 25), you are now able to go to the Global WiFi Haneda Counter at Haneda Airport and rent an adorable robot smartphone called RoboHon that will act as your personal tour guide around the Tokyo and Kanazawa areas.

A full day with RoboHon will only cost you 1,500 JPY (13.50 USD). Two days will run you double that, but rates go down after that, with three days only costing 4,000 JPY and every additional 12 hours costing 500 JPY after the three day mark.

But is it worth it to rent one of these things? That’s up to you. You can get by with just a smartphone and a WiFi connection without any problem, but if you’re into cute robots that will dance with you and say nice things to you, then you may want to give RoboHon a shot. Check out the video below to see what a day with RoboHon might be like.

For more information on RoboHon, check out the article below.

Haneda Airport Set To Begin Robot Smartphone Tour Guide Service (Video)

Source: RoboHon YouTube Channel
Image: 【ロボホン】羽田空港レンタルサービス英語版(字幕有り)

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