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“SWAG NIGHT” Music Video Is Chock Full Of Japanese Pop Culture Cliches! (Video)

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A music video for “SWAG NIGHT,” an electronic dance tune by Japanese EDM musicians, iamSHUM and DJ Tora was released earlier today (Mar. 10) and if you’re into contemporary Japanese culture you’ll probably find this new video to be very interesting.

The music video for “SWAG NIGHT,” Japanese title “Sawaganaito” (sawaganai to means “gotta make noise/go crazy”) revolves around a girl during her first trip to Tokyo. Of course, given that this is a “club song” the video features plenty of dancing and shots in a dance club. However, what really makes this song stand out is the large amount of references (in English) this girl makes to different aspects of modern Japanese culture. She pulls out just about every cliche Japanese pop culture reference you can think of, from Gwen Stefani and her relation to Harajuku to high-tech toilets, it’s all in this video.

Check out the video for yourself below. Just be warned, you’ll probably either think it’s hilarious or very annoying.

“SWAG NIGHT” is available for digital download.

Source: Nikkan Entameclip

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