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Japanese Twitter Users Love This Adorable Hamster Dogpile Video

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Image source: @pet7584

A video uploaded to Twitter showing a group of hamsters getting into an adorable hamster dogpile inside a little sand-filled bowl seems to have caught the attention of quite a few Japanese Twitter users. Check it out below (or click here to watch it if the embedded video does not appear for you).

This adorable video was uploaded to Twitter last month (Feb. 27) by a pet shop clerk who goes by Biryoku na Rin (@pet7584).
The small sand-filled bowl you see in the video is supposed to serve as the toilet for the 13 hamsters that are in the cage, however, it seems like they’d rather just use the bowl as their new hang out spot. But why?

The reason for this amusing behavior seems to be that these are Robovski hamsters. Robovski hamsters are also called dessert hamsters, due to the fact that they are originally from dessert regions, such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia and parts of China. So it seems that it was probably the sand in the bowl that made them behave like this.

Of course, there’s been plenty of people tweeting about how cute this video is. Two of the more amusing tweets are are “I want to be completely covered in these hamsters.” and “I want to become the sand [in that bowl].

Many others on Twitter expressed that after watching the video they now want a pet Robovski too. However, just in case you’re also thinking the same thing, you should know that Robovskis are known to be somewhat difficult to care for when compared to other types of hamsters. Definitely cute though.

Sources: @pet7584, It Media

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