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Cops Look For Man That Keeps Shoving His Finger Into Male Teens’ Mouths (Video)

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“Show me the inside of your mouth.”

On Saturday (Mar.11) police in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, revealed that they are looking for an unidentified young man who, according to reports, has shoved his finger into the mouths of male junior high and high school students around the area of JR Inage Station in Chiba City, on at least eight different occasions since August of last year.

According to police, the man approaches male students on their way home and engages them in conversation by asking them “Where’s the station?” As they are talking he shoves his finger in the victim’s mouth and then flees the scene on his bicycle, reports Yahoo News Japan.

Sankei News reports that the man told one of his victims “Tell me where the station is.” before saying “Show me the inside of your mouth.” and shoving his finger into the mouth of the male student.

Between the end of August 2016 and the end of last month (Feb.) there have been eight incidents of this kind reported to police. All have taken place between 7 and 9 in the evening. There have been no reports of any victims being injured or kidnapped.

Given that all of the man’s victims were wearing either school uniforms or school athletic wear, it seems that the man is targeting junior high and high school students walking home from school.

Police are looking for a man who is approximately 170 cm tall and has short black hair.

In regards to these incidents police have been quoted as saying “This is unheard-of. It is abnormal.” Police are asking people in the are to be careful.

If you’d like to check out a CG recreation of this story, then watch the TomoNews Japan video below. The video also features several CG recreations of similar stories.

Source: Sankei News, TomoNews Japan, Yahoo News Japan

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