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Japanese Soccer Mascots Do PPAP Parody To Promote Upcoming J League Match (Video)

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Image source: FC Tokyo Channel

Better late than never seems to be the attitude of Japan’s professional soccer (football) league because earlier this month a video featuring two of its team’s mascots doing their own version of Pikotaro’s viral hit, PPAP, was uploaded to YouTube.

This time around it’s not PPAP, it’s TMGC (Tamagawa Classico). The Tamagawa Classico is the name for a match-up between FC Tokyo and Kawasaki Frontale, two J1 League teams with a rivalry dating back to 1991 when both teams were still in the Second Division of the old Japan Soccer League.

The new video was created in order to promote the 29th Tamagawa Classico, which is set to take place on Saturday March 18th. The video stars Tokyo Doronpa, FC Tokyo’s raccoon dog (tanuki) mascot, and Furunta, Kawasaki Frontale’s dolphin mascot. Rather than going off of the TMGC initials (I have a Tamagawa, etc.), the two mascots name a couple of each team’s important players. They also make sure to replicate some of Pikotaro’s trademark dance moves.

Check out the video for yourself below.


Source: Nikkan Entameclip

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