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New Device Lets You Open Bottles With Your Phone! Behold The SMART PET BOTTLE (Video)

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Image source: Nidec YouTube

Last week (Mar. 3) the Japanese electric motor manufacturer, Nidec Corporation (nihon densan kabushiki-gaisha), unveiled an interesting new device that allows you to use your smartphone to “open bottle caps in a super cool way.”

This “life-changing” product is called “SMART PET BOTTLE” (PET is a type of plastic). It consists of a small motorized device that attaches to the top of a plastic drink bottle and a smartphone app. Together these two components allow you to twist the caps off of plastic bottles by just tapping your phone screen. The app also has some additional functions, such as a timer setting and the ability to connect multiple devices to a single phone, for when you need to open multiple bottles at the same time.

Nidec released an amusing video that shows off the product in action. It is in English and can be found below.

Although this product certainly seems like it could be fake. It is not. It took half a year to develop and is completely real. However, currently, Nidec has no plans to actually sell it. This is because this fancy bottle opener was developed as part of a marketing campaign called “Motorize.” The idea behind this campaign is to make life more “interesting” by inserting motors into things that normally don’t have motors. By doing this Nidec hopes to both raise people’s awareness of motors and soften-up Nidec’s somewhat stiff and dull image.

Not surprisingly, many Japanese people on social media have pointed out how silly Nidec’s product is. However, others have pointed out that this high-tech bottle opener could be used in nursing homes or by people with weak grip strength. As for Nidec, they’re probably pretty happy since their humorous ad has managed to get well over 100,000 views in under a week.

Nidec has yet to reveal any details about the next video in the “Motorize” series.

Sources: Excite News, J-Cast News

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