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Panty Stealing Teacher Caught While Trying To Return Stolen Panties

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Not the stolen pair of panties

A 25-year-old male instructor at Shimabara City Mie Junior High School in Nagasaki Prefecture, who got arrested after he got caught trying to return a pair of panties he had just stolen from a woman’s apartment was dismissed by the Nagasaki Prefecture Board of Education on Friday (Mar. 24) as punishment for his actions.

According to the Nagasaki Board of Education, on the night of February 18, 2017, the part-time instructor and resident of Unsen City, Nagasaki Prefecture, used an unlocked front door to enter the apartment of a 19-year-old female company worker while she and a male resident of the apartment were out. Inside, the instructor, who also lived in the same apartment building, found a pair of the woman’s panties hanging out to dry. He took the underwear back to his apartment, where he took pictures of the undergarment. Afterwards, he went back to the woman’s apartment in order to return the underwear. However, as the instructor was trying to do this the male resident of the apartment returned home and found the instructor. The man subdued the instructor and called the police.

After Nagasaki Prefectural Police arrived on the scene they arrested the instructor on suspicion of breaking and entering.

The instructor told Nagasaki Board of Education members who were looking into the incident, “I let out my desires in an incorrect form.”

Reports have not revealed whether charges will be pressed.

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