Doll Or Real Person? Kanebo Releases Extreme Hina Matsuri Video (Video)

In honor of the Japanese celebration of "Hina Matsuri" (Girls Day/Dolls Day), the Japanese cosmetics company Kanebo has released a video that will leave you unsure if what you're looking at is a real person or a doll.

The Japanese celebration of Hina Matsuri is held every year on March 3rd. This day is meant as an occasion to pray for the future health and happiness of girls. One of the customs associated with this day, whcih many families across Japan still observe, involves setting up a display of dolls dressed in traditional Japanese one's home. However, it seems that Kanebo decided to outdo everyone this year by using an actual human being in their new video.

The video, named "THE EXTREME HINA FESTIVAL," was uploaded to the official Kanebo YouTube channel on February 22nd and it seems that it has really caught people's attention because in the relatively short time since its release it has already racked up almost 350,000 views. Go ahead and check it out for yourself below.


Source: Gadget News
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