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Food Rockers Declare Garlic Is Their Way Of Life (Video)

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Earlier this month (Mar. 6) the Japanese rock band, Grilled Meat Youngmans, known in part for their extensive catalog of food inspired songs, released a music video for “GARI-GARI-GARLICK,” a song from the group’s new limited release (only 500 copies) 2-track 500 yen single CD, Curry On, which was released on March 8th.

In this new song, the Grill Meant Youngmans use a mixture of both English and Japanese to sing the praises of garlic, all while relating its powerful odor and flavor to a “rebelling against society” and “being honest with oneself about your passions.” Check out the video below.

Grilled Meat Youngmans was formed in 2014 by the band’s vocalist, Yuyoyuppe,
who first started getting attention in 2008 when he began uploading “loud rock”
Vocaloid songs to the Japanese video sharing website, Nico Nico Dōga。Yuyoyuppe is also known for having worked with the Japanese heavy metal
idol group, Babymetal, on songs like “Uki Uki Midnight” and “Megitsune.”

Grilled Meat Youngmans’ food inspired music catalog includes songs like “Yashoku” (Midnight Snack), “S.O.Y,” “Thank You My Beef” and “Fukushū no Vegetarian” (Vegetarian of Vengeance), all of which are from the group’s first mini-album, EATMANS, which was released last year.

You can check out the music video for “Fukushū no Vegetarian” below. This song, much like, “GARI-GARI-GARLICK,” has a screamo/emo feel to it, however, it also has an EDM aspect to it. Of course, this song too features some food-inspired lyrics, such as, the chorus which roughly translates to “If I can’t eat meant/Then EAT vegetables vegetables!/If I can’t eat rice/Then EAT vegetables vegetables!” Also, the song ends with the band chanting the phrase, “Fresh is best.”

Source: Gekirock Japan

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