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Music Duo Shows Off Their Big “Double Lemons” In New Suntory PV (Video)

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Image Source: Double Lemon PV

As a way of promoting their lemon flavored chuhai called, -196℃ Strong Zero, the Japanese alcoholic beverage company, Suntory, has released a provocative music video that stars a couple of female entertainers with some big “double lemons.”

This new music video features Double Lemon, a new music duo whose two member, according to Suntory, have “divine bodies.” Double Lemon is composed of comedian, Emiko Kawamura, and gravure idol/actress, Tomomi Katayama, two “well-endowed” female entertainers.

The video features the Double Lemon girls wearing some revealing lemon inspired outfits, as they dance around and use some rather suggestive lyrics to sing the praises of Suntory’s new product. The song the girls are singing in the video is called “Kajitsu to Kajitsu maru GOD!!” (Fruit Juice and Fruit, The Whole Thing God!!), which is a reference to both the “divine bodies” of the Double Lemon girls and the fruit content of the new product (maru GOD sounds like maruguto, which means “the whole thing”).

Aside from all the suggestive imagery and provocative lyrics, this song is actually quite catchy and after you watch the video you might have “mon mon mon mon mon mon mon mon mooon” stuck in your head. Check it out for yourself below.

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  1. Wibisono Ali

    May 14, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    can I get the lyric? I can't read japanese nor do I understand it, but the song is great.


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