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These Cinematic Tourism Ads Are A Huge Success! Visit Japan’s “Diamond Route” (Video)

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Image source: Diamond Route Japan Video

A new series of ads created in order to promote tourism in Fukushima Prefecture and nearby areas seems to have really caught the attention of people all over the world because in only about a week after its release these videos had already managed to get 10 million views on YouTube.

Released on February 24th, these five incredibly cinematic ads do an excellent job of introducing Japan’s “Diamond Route” to the world. The Diamond Route is a tourist route consisting of the prefectures of Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki. Although not as popular as the “Gold Route,” which consists of very well-known places like, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka, this new series of videos makes it abundantly clear that the Diamond Route has plenty to offer.

Each of the five videos focuses on different aspects of this area of Japan, including its beautiful scenery, food, history and much more. Aside from teaching people outside of Japan about the amazing things that can be found in this somewhat lesser-known area of Japan, these videos also manage to show the world that Fukushima is far more than just the area that was affected by the nuclear meltdown in 2011.

You can check out one of these ads for yourself below. The one below is a little under 3 minutes long and is called “History. Discover the Living Samurai Spirit.”

If you would like to watch the other four ads, then you can visit the official Diamond Route Japan YouTube channel here.

Or you can also visit the official Diamond Route Japan website.

Sources: Minyu Net, Minyu Net

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