Home commercial Homeido: SoftBank’s Unique Maid Based Solution To People Staring At Their Phones While Walking (Video)

Homeido: SoftBank’s Unique Maid Based Solution To People Staring At Their Phones While Walking (Video)

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Staring at your smartphone while you walk can be pretty dangerous. This is especially the case in Japanese cities like Tokyo, where streets and train stations tend to be packed with people. In an effort to help stop this problematic behavior, the Japanese cell phone carrier SoftBank has released a video for a very unique cell phone strap specifically designed to keep you from looking at your phone while walking.

Softbank’s new product isn’t just any old cell phone strap. It’s called Homeido and it’s the world’s first human sized (because it is an actual human) maid strap. Check out the ad below and keep reading for some more information on this revolutionary product.

If you’re thinking that this can’t possibly be real, then you’re right. It’s an April Fools’ Day video. Homeido is, as stated above, an actual living maid cell phone ‘strap’ that follows you around and reminds you not to look at your phone while walking. The name is a combination of meido, which is the Japanese pronunciation of “maid” and homeru, which means to “praise.”

Coming in at 158 cm tall and… her weight is a “secret,” this sentient cell phone strap comes in four versions. The first shown in the video is the tsundere type. She doesn’t mince her words and she isn’t afraid to get a little rough with you when you’re behaving badly. In the video, you can hear her say “A Master that looks at his phone while walking looks like an an idiot!” after her alarm (the slap to the face) goes off.

Tough love from Homeido

The normal version, is the ‘standard’ maid type, who uses super cute words like moe moe kyun to praise her Master when he does a good job.

Moe moe kyun!

The little sister version, has pigtails and very enthusiastically praises her Master by saying things like “A Master that doesn’t look at his phone while walking is so cool! I like you so much!”

You’re so cool!

Finally, the yandere version is the ‘bashful’ type but she still praises you, although in a less direct way than the other types. In the video she implies her positive feelings for her master by very shyly saying, “I don’t hate a Master that doesn’t look at his phone while walking…”

So shy…

According to the official Homeido website, Homeido is waterproof, has a light for night time use, comes with a GPS, and even has an English-language mode.

No word on the price though, but then again, Homeido isn’t real so, it doesn’t really matter.

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Source: Official SoftBank Homeido Website, My Navi News

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