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Site News: Redesign, Facebook and More

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If you’ve been visiting Japankyo regularly over the past week or so, then you’ve noticed that there’s been quite a few changes. The most obvious change is, of course, the look of the site. Although there are still some more small improvements that need to be made, this layout should make navigating around the site a whole lot easier.

Also, some of you may have noticed that Japankyo now has a Facebook page. There’s a link to the Facebook page on the side column so go ahead and give Japankyo a like when you get a chance.

Finally, another thing you may have noticed is that Japankyo is now an Amazon affiliate. This means that if you’d like to support Japankyo so that the site can keep growing, you can now do so by clicking on the Amazon banner (located above the Facebook banner) before you do your Amazon shopping. If you click on the banner it will take you to the front page of U.S. Amazon, where you can then shop just like you always do. Japankyo gets a small percentage of your purchase and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. So give it a shot next time you need to buy something.

Thank you to all of you who have been visiting the site. Japankyo has been growing rapidly and its thanks to all of you. There’s a lot more improvements and interesting content planned, so stay tuned.

Japankyo Facebook Page


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