J-Rockers Fight Train Groping In New Music Video For "Chikan AKan" Song (Video)

Say no to groping!
The Japanese rock band Tanigawa POP Gorilla (谷川POPゴリラ) has just released a music video for an interesting new anti-groping song called "Chikan Akan."

The group's new song is a very catchy and fun dance tune from the group's new mini-labum, Ai Ga Hoshikunaru. However, despite the upbeat sound of this song it actually deals with a very serious problem faced by many women in Japan, getting groped in crowded places.

The title of the song, "Chikan Akan," is a phrase that means "No groping" and has been used in many anti-groping campaigns conducted by train companies in the Kansai (western) region of Japan. It is also repeated multiple times throughout the song so get ready for it to get stuck in your head.

The music video, which can be seen below, shows the band performing their new song and, of course, some examples of groping. It also shows an interesting dance, which if it catches on, might become known as the "chikan akan dance."

Tanigawa POP Gorilla's new mini-album, Ai Ga Hoshikunaru, is now on sale.

Source: Excite News
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