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Nara Unveils A Super Cute Drone Version Of Their Canine Mascot! (Video)

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I hope this dog is potty-trained.

A new video released by the town of Ōji in Nara Prefecture is proving that drones can be downright adorable!

The new video stars a drone version of the unofficial mascot of Ōji, Yukimaru. Yukimaru is a dog themed mascot, who is modeled after the beloved dog of the semi-legendary noble and politician, Prince Shōtoku (574-622).

In the video you can see Yukimaru taking a “mid-air walk” through the town of Ōji and its various scenic locations, including the Buddhist temple Darumaji and Mount Myōjin.

Check out the video below.

And if that isn’t enough cuteness for one day, then check out this video of a non-drone version of Yukimaru doing his trademark “LoveLove” dance.

Source: Netorabo

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  1. Rebecca

    March 28, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Many countries have been using nano drones with cameras for surveillance of sensitive regions and ensuring the safety of its citizens.


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