Male Model Music Group XOX And Hyadain Team Up In New Mobile Game Promotional Video (Video)

Let's Purupon!
The male model music group XOX (read: kiss hug kiss) and the jack-of-all-musical-trades Kenichi Maeyamada (a.k.a. Hyadain) have teamed up in a new music video to promote a new mobile puzzle game called LINE Purupon (LINE ぷるぽん), which was released early this month.

The video features an original song by Maeyamada called "Let's Purupon."  Maeyamada, who often sings under the stage-name Hyadain, is known in part for appearing in music videos and singing as both a man and woman. This new song, although perhaps not as hectic as some of his previous work, definitely still has that same Hyadain feel to it.

The song and video primarily serve as a way to introduce the "Gods of Yaoyorozu," who are the characters of this new game. However, the video also features dancing, cute guys and the "genderless" dress-wearing member of XOX named Toman.

Check out the video below.

A making-of video, featuring plenty of behind-the-scenes footage was also released.


LINE Purupon was developed by the new game division of the popular instant messaging app LINE.

Source: CD Journal
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