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Can You Buy Your Cat’s Love With Cat Toys? Find Out In This Video

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Why won’t you love me?

Due to the vague resemblance that the Japanese word for the number two (ni) has with the Japanese equivalent of “meow” (nya) February 22nd (2/22) is cat day in Japan so… here’s a ridiculous Japanese cat video.

This video, which is titled “Can I become super popular with cats if I buy a massive amount of cat toys and stick them to my body!?!,” was uploaded to YouTube two months ago by the popular Japanese YouTuber Mahoto.

It begins with Mahoto explaining that his cats “aren’t interested in him” so he is going to see if he can change that by covering himself in a massive amount of cat toys. So he puts on the cat toys and after that his desperate cry for attention begins.

Find out if his cats end up playing with him in the video below. However, if you know anything about cats then you probably already know how this video ends. Some translations of a few key moments are provided below the video.


“Come to me! You know I’m not a scary person, right? You came! Let’s play!””


“Seriously? I do all this and in the end that’s what you want to play with? That hairball thing? I SHOULD’VE JUST BOUGHT YOU A HAIRBALL!”
At the end of the video you can hear Mahoto’s mother telling him “You should just use each toy individually!” Mahoto’s response is “IF I DID THAT THEN I WOULDN’T HAVE A VIDEO!”

If you’d like to check out an even more ridiculous Mahoto video, then check out this article, which is about an experiment Mahoto conducteded in order to determine whether a condom can protect you against static shocks.

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