Usain 100,000 Bolt Appears In New Pokémon Sun Moon Commercial (Video)

Usain Bolt, I choose you!
"The fastest man on Earth," Usain Bolt is the star of a new pair of commercials for the popular Nintendo 3DS game, Pokémon Sun/Moon that were uploaded to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel on Monday (Feb. 27).

These two commercials are the latest in a series of Pokémon Sun/Moon ads that feature professional athletes. Previous ads have starred Masahiro Tanaka (baseball player) and Saori Yoshida (Olympic wrestler).

In these ads, Usain Bolt can be heard saying some amusing lines like "Even in a Pokémon battle, I'm number one." and "Don't think you can run away." However, the real highlight of these commercials is when he tells Pikachu to do his "100,000 volt" attack (man boruto). This is a pun based on the fact that "Bolt" and "volt" share the same exact pronunciation in Japanese..

These commercials are set to begin airing on Japanese television on March 4th, however, you can go ahead and check them out in the video below.

Source: Otakuma
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