Toyota's New Car Beats Street Fighter II In This New Commercial (Video)

Toyota has just released an interesting new commercial for its new crossover SUV, the C-HR, and if you're a fan of that classic fighting game Street Fighter II, then you're going to love it.

"Crossover the world" is the C-HR's slogan and this new commercial shows the C-HR doing exactly that, except "the world" in this case is the one from the popular 90's video game, Street Fighter II.

The video begins with the character select screen and Ryu getting picked. Then, you see Ryu and the C-HR in Ryu's stage. However, rather than destroying the car for bonus points, Ryu ends up taking a trip through the various stages of Street Fighter II. Finally, the video shows the C-HR taking on M. Bison (a.k.a. Vega) and in this part you get a chance to check out some of the C-HR's "special moves." No word yet if these "special moves" come standard or if they cost extra.

Check out the commercial below.

This commercial is the second in a series of interesting videos promoting the C-HR. The first video, which was released last month, was the result of a team-up with Tomica, the Japanese company known for their line of die-cast toy cars. Check it out below.

Source: CNET Japan
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