Japanese Deer Are Fans Of The Beatles? Nara Deer Version Of Abbey Road Album Cover Super Popular In Japan

Nara Road
The 1969 album, Abbey Road is the eleventh studio album released by the legendary British rock band, The Beatles. It was, not surprisingly, a massive hit and is remembered as an iconic rock album. However, Abbey Road is also known for having one of the most famous album covers of all time. In fact, it appears that it is so famous that, as you can see in the picture below, even the deer of Japan's Nara Park seem to know about it.

This amusing picture of deer walking across a crosswalk near Nara Park was posted to the official joint Twitter account of Star Hill Studio (recording studio) & Beverly Hills (live music venue), both of which are located in the city of Nara. The text in the tweet reads "Are these Nara's Beatles?"

Since this picture got tweeted out on February 17th it has been retweeted over 28,000 times and liked over 38,000 times.

Interestingly, although the picture does show the deer crossing the road in a single file, just like in the original Abbey Road cover, it only shows three deer and not four. Is this further proof that
"Paul is dead?" Seems suspicious.

Source: Otakuma
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