Can A Condom Protect You From An Electric Shock? Find Out In This Ridiculous Video

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Last month a popular Japanese YouTuber contributed to our understanding of the world when he conducted a fascinating "experiment" that involved a whole lot of condoms, static electricity generators and quite a bit of screaming.

The video, titled "Condoms VS Electricity Which one wins?," stars Japanese YouTuber Mahoto. In it, Mahoto tries to determine whether condoms have the ability to protect against static shocks. Why? Probably because it makes for a totally ridiculous and amusing video. However, that's not the reason that Mahoto provides. Instead, he begins the video with the following set-up.

Electricity and water. Electricity wins, right? Electricity and rubber. Rubber wins. But, I thought that this might not be the case for condoms.

And with that, he brings out the static electricity generators and gets to work on his groundbreaking "experiment." Check it out for yourself in the video below. Some translations of what Mahoto says can be found below the video.

After the first shock

"My nipple! It totally got my nipple! The "rubber" didn't do anything."

After the second shock

"It got my nipple again! Stupid! Why is it only getting my right nipple?"

After he tries with his hand
"It's ok! It made a popping sound but it's ok! It doesn't hurt! The condom wins!"
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